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VENDOR HIGHLIGHT: Marcie Sumner & Blended Oils



Marcie Sumner has spent the past few years honing her skills developing essential oils. We sat down with her after one of her classes here at Seersuckergypsy and asked her a few questions.

Seersuckergypsy: How did you get started making essential oils?

Marcie Sumner: My grandmother gave me some lavender for an ailment and after I saw the results of it and how much it worked I decided to do a little more research and see what all the hype was about.

SSG: What experiences led you to where you are now in making essential oils?

MS: I started buying different oils for myself and making different blends for myself. Family members were interested and reacted positively to what I was making and that is when I decided to branch out and turn it into a way to help others?

SSG: What kind of Decision making goes into choosing what products you make and the ingredients?

MS: The quality of the products is very important to me. A lot of ideas, I get for different products I make are ways to deal with personal issues. I don’t want to sell a product I haven’t used myself and I know it works. Because of this, it has led me to make custom blends for people as well.

SSG: What personal satisfactions do you have now when making your oils?

MS: It’s very peaceful for me. I think that the intent that you put into something when you make something with your own hands is very important. So I like to put a lot of love and care into every blend I make because I like to help people.

SSG: What do you find most challenging?

Blending for men has been a challenge for me because I’m obviously a woman. So it’s hard for me to find smells that men would be attracted to.

SSG: What sort of changes would you like to see to further your brand?

MS: I would like to see more awareness from the community, and a desire to learn about my products because it is a natural way to heal ourselves. Figuring out how to get the information out there. I want to branch out to other businesses in Hartsville and make things based on their specific needs. Veterinarians, pet grooming, day cares, schools chiropractic offices. There are so many ways you can go with essential oils it’s pretty unlimited.

SSG: What is your next step?

MS: To increase my product line at SSG and expand my products with other businesses. I also want to put more focus on social media and marketing

SSG: Any major frustrations?

MS: Yes. My competition is not the quality we need to have out there. It’s like a pyramid scheme to me. I want people to know the difference between therapeutic grade essential oils and oils from multi-level and mass marketed oils. It’s becoming popular, which is great, but I’m scared people will become deterred when they invest into products that don’t work.

SSG: How would you assess your experience so far?

MS: It’s been a very rewarding journey. And I’m growing and learning every single day. And I don’t want to stop until I have reached my goal of everyone locally experiencing the benefit of the product because that’s how much I believe in them. And my customers believe in them, so that has been very rewarding.

SSG: Any final thoughts?

MS: Come try it. You won’t be disappointed. They smell amazing. And they heal you from the inside out.

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Thank You Hartsville


Hey Ya’ll!

Seersuckergypsy is rocking it out! Since the inspiration developed for the boutique it has been an amazing experience. The outpour of support has been overwhelming and I’m forever grateful to the community of Hartsville, the artists, downtown merchants, my family and friends, my Aunt Susie Morris, my mentors and especially my fabulous Husband, Adam. Everyone had a hand in helping turn my dream into a reality and I could not have done this without you. I am amazed by the amount of people who are interested in our products and I am thankful for their appreciation of each Artist’s work. Hartsville is an awesome city to own a business!

It is so much fun to watch the growth of Seersuckergypsy! The boutique is now featuring 34 local artist’s work. Everyday the artist bring new merchandise into the store this keeps the boutique fresh! All of the artists have the ability to customize orders to ensure that everyone will leave with the perfect item. Oh and don’t forget to continue to check out our website for Featured Vendors to get the inside look at their products. The calendar on the website will be a simple way to keep up with our upcoming classes and events. The event opportunities for Seersuckergypsy are endless! Helping those in need has always been near and dear to my heart and Seersuckergypsy has this perfect space where I can make it happen. Sooooo March 11, 2016 I would like to invite everyone to Seersuckergypsy to a special charity event called Eye Mission Zambia….. 100% of the proceeds raised go to restoring eyesight of villagers. There will be refreshments and a video showing previous missions.

An unexpected business venture for Seersuckergypsy is hosting birthday parties and classes. I love seeing creative juices start to flow as soon as you walk into the boutique! Having 20 kids running around with paint and glitter does something for my soul. I cannot wait to see what this venture is going to develop into.

Our future is bright! We have innovative ideas, artist talent, and a work ethic like you wouldn’t believe. Together we are determined to make Seersuckergypsy leave you with a warm and fuzzy feeling every time you stop by!