Best kept secret

One of the best kept secrets at Seersuckergypsy is the fact that the owners Husband is a junk finding machine! Adam can literally find ANYTHING, try him. His full time job allows him to be out in the community all day talking with people and finding the best picking spots. He is willing to search, dig, drive, and negotiate for your treasures. One of his most recent finds was discovered after sparking a conversation with a man about Coker’s Pedigreed Seed (his newest obsession). After sharing we lived in Hartsville the man was excited to show us a piece of Hartsville history he claimed about 20 years ago. It was a Hartsville sign off of the old Coca cola bottling plant.

Funny how things happen when they are meant to be. A little over a year ago a family member bought this awesome building & renovated it turning it into a health food store. She has spent so much time and energy to give this building life again. YALL ITS ANOTHER BEST KEPT SECRET CHECK OUT ALIVE N WELL…. 646 W carolina ave (across from Ruths). Adam traveled to NC to picked up the sign and brought it home.

Not sure if it is his drive, passion or the horseshoe up his butt however we are here to tell you Adam can find what you are looking for. Please share a story if Adam has found the perfect piece for your business or home. Contact us if we can find something special for you!

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